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Jill and Woody

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 BOARDING: Hidden Splendor Farm offers full care board only for your horse or pony. Your horse or pony will get EXCELLENT CARE from Jill and Jeff. Jill and Jeff live right on the farm and take care of all the horses and ponies themselves. We know that taking care of all the horses ourselves does not sound really fancy like other farms with a big staff or a trainer that is giving lessons at several barns but have you ever really thought about who is actually taking care of your horse? Here at Hidden Splendor Farm Jill, the owner and trainer, is the person actually taking care of your horse or pony she is the person turning your horse out, feeding it, watering it and cleaning it's stall everyday. Why is this important? It is important because if there is a problem with your horse she will find it that day. If your horse is lame going out or coming back in she will know it and deal with it immediatly. If your horse did not eat, drink, poop or pee during the night she will know it that morning and start looking for issues. If your horse is wounded, such as bleeding, she will decide if she can take care of it or needs a vet and will call the vet right away if needed. It is so important for the health of your horse to find issues early and deal with them immediatly and that is what you get here. Jill knows how much water every horse drinks, how much they eat, poop and pee daily and she checks on this everyday, or you can say all day because she is at her farm all day taking care of the horses and the farm. Jill has had the same GREAT Vet and Farrier for 15+ years. They both know that when she calls and says she has an emergency and needs them right away they will come right away, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
The farm is 167 acres with a great mixture of hay fields and woods. The farm has great horse trails with jumps, just like the hunter pace trails! The farm is also directly connected to Stoney Pond State Forest with miles of horse trails. The barn has 10'x12' box stalls with windows and Promat Stable Comfort Stall Mats, they are not just mats but a mattress for your horse, come WALK on them, to see pictures click on the Hidden Splendor Farm pg.! The horses love these stall mats, see the pictures, they are GREAT! The farm also has a lot of BIG PASTURES for plenty of turn out, single or group. There is a 153' x 72' INDOOR ARENA with lights and jumps! Jill and Jeff care for all the horses and ponies as if they were their own. Stalls are cleaned daily, they always have plenty of fresh water, and plenty of food. All horses and ponies are fed based on their own needs because every horse and pony is different. Jeff and Jill bale about 5000 bales of hay (1st and 2nd cutting) each year on the farm and it's GREAT horse hay; this also means that if you have a horse that eats a lot of hay they will get all they need at no extra charge! The farm is 8 miles east of Cazenovia, 3 miles from Morrisville in the town of Nelson, about 14 miles from Canastota, and close to Hamilton. SUNY Morrisville students I'm only 3 miles from the campus, the farm is not far from Cazenovia College or Colgate! Click on the OUR NEW FARM page on the left to see pictures. A note to parents with kids that have a horse or pony. Jill will not only take great care of your horse or pony but she will also take care of your child. Jill will teach your child everything they need to know about riding and taking care of their horse or pony. If your child wants to be out on trails and you don't want them alone she will ride with them so you don't have to worry about them, this is at no extra charge. If you want to have FUN with your horse or pony this is the place for you. Come meet all the horses and ponies on the farm to see for yourself well they are all cared for. There is a small number of horses here for a small, quiet, family barn. Open to all ages and riding types, english or western. You get all this for $400 per month plus $32 NYS sales tax, total $432.
HUNT SEAT, JUMPING, CROSS COUNTRY, TRAIL RIDING LESSONS: Hidden Splendor Farm offers private lessons beginner to experienced on your horse or lesson horse/ pony, you may trailer in, not just for boarders. Jill has more than 30 years of riding, training, and teaching experience to offer. If you want to be more comfortable riding in the ring, jumping courses & or cross country, or trail riding at the walk, trot, canter, gallop, jumping solid fences, up & down hills, and riding over uneven ground plus so much more Jill can help. Everything you learn riding with Jill translates into the Show Ring too because she teaches solid equitation. She will get you to step up to a higher level of riding that will benefit you and your horse. Jill is an excellent, professionally trained, teacher. She will also teach you about proper conditioning for your horse. Call or e-mail Jill for more details. Lessons are $40 Each or Monthly Rates are: 1/2 Month is up to 8 lessons for $200. Full Month is 3 to 6 lessons per week for $400.
Jill's Background:Jill Higgins is the Owner, Trainer, and Barn Manager at Hidden Splendor Farm and the Chairman of the Tioughnioga Ruritan Hunter Paces. Jill has 40 years of riding, training and teaching experience, her teaching experience includes 35 years as a professional ski instructor too. Things Jill has done over the years include, showing both riding and driving horses, 15+ years of Fox Hunting, and breaking and training horses from the ground up both riding and driving. She has a lot of experience and would love to share her knowledge with you.  If you want to have FUN while learning and learn so much more than you have ever learned before come take a lesson from Jill. She can get you to step up many levels in your riding. Jill currnetly owns 5 horses, Woody, her QH mare is 25 and she has owned her for 23 years, Shobi her husband's  QH gelding is 20 and they have had him for 15 years, Mason her paint is 19 and she has had him for 14 years, Grace and Lacey are lesson horses. All of her horses are healthy, fit, well trained, and happy. Jeff and Jill also spent 35 years working part time on a friend's dairy farm so managing a large farm is easy for them.
Directions to Hidden Splendor Farm: From Cazenovia and points west, take Rt 20E from Cazenovia, go through Nelson, about 2 miles past Nelson on Rt 20 turn right onto Willowvale Rd.(2nd right after the Morrisville Motor Lodge) at the stop sign turn left onto Old State Rd. this turns into Hughes Rd. stay on it until you come to the farm, long white barn, 2 silos, big white house on the right.
From Morrisville and points east: Take Rt 20W to Reservoir Rd. follow this up the hill at 4 corners turn right and follow until it ends, at the T turn left onto Williams Corners Rd, then take your 1st right, still Williams Corners Rd., stay on Williams Corners Rd until it ends, there is a Y before it ends stay right, at the stop sign turn right, you will see the farm on your left.
From Canastota: Take what I refer to as Oxbow Hill out of Canastota, it goes through Clockville and becomes Pleasant Valley Rd. take this as far as it will go when you get to Rt 20 go straight across onto Willowvale Rd. turn left at the end and follow around to the farm as stated above.
GPS will put you on roads that DO NOT EXIST ANYMORE, so please follow these directions or call for more details.

Jill Higgins: